Advanced Professional Practice (ORTH5053)


This is a capstone unit of study for the course, encompassing knowledge acquired from all units studied in this course. Emphasis will be given to clinical reasoning in cases of complex ophthalmic disease and ocular motility disorders. This unit of study is closely aligned with learning in Professional Practice 3 and 4. Information gained in clinical placements will be integrated into this unit. Cases will be selected to challenge the student to apply recent scientific and medical evidence-based findings relating to the genesis of conditions, their clinical investigation, immediate treatment and long-term management. Students will be encouraged to analyse clinical responses and develop relevant diagnostic and treatment guidelines based on sound clinical reasoning. Content will address issues of: systemic and ophthalmic disease; complex ocular motility conditions; occupational health and safety and employment; professional; medico-legal ramifications and their interaction.

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Students will work independently and in work groups to research issues raised in case studies.


Case studies (60%), end of semester exam (25%), treatment exam (15%)


In order to determine the most up to date evidence for practice in orthoptics, a number of journal articles will be consulted in addtion to established texts. Ansons M and Davis H, Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Motility Disorders, Blackwell Science (2001) Australian, British and American Orthoptic Journals, Transactions of the International Orthoptic Association Journals of Ophthalmology from Australia/ New Zealand, Britain and America eg Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, Blackwell Publishing

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