Perspectives in Vision (ORTH5060)


This unit of study allows the student to gain an understanding of the broad context of eye health on an international, national, and local scale. The student will acquire knowledge of the prevalence of the most common causes of blindness and visual Impairment and their social and economic cost. They will also develop a concept of the implication of visual impairment for the individual and learn about international and national programs for the prevention and management of blindness and visual Impairment, as well as client-focused case management of persons with a visual impairment and there rehabilitation. They will develop an understanding of life stages and how these influence the natural history of ocular diseases, their detection and care. They will examine the notion of avoidable and non-avoidable blindness and understand the role of primary eye care and its application in the community setting. They will learn the general requirements of successful screening for disease and apply this knowledge in the context of vision and ophthalmic screening of children and adults.

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1x3-hr lecture/week, 2x2-hr tutorial/week and e-learning


Mid-semester Exam (20%), group presentation of case study (25%), end semester exam (55%)


Suggested readings, documents, website and videos will be posted on eLearning as deemed necessary by the lecturer. There is no prescribed text due to the wide variety of sources required.

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