Neonatal Medicine (PAED5000)


This unit of study will cover the latest advances in critical care of the newborn. Modules of study will include perinatal medicine, neonatal resuscitation and newborn transport. The unit will explore the clinical manifestations of important respiratory, cardiac, metabolic and neurological disorders presenting in the newborn. Changing patterns of neuro-developmental outcome in preterm and critically unwell neonates will be examined. The latest neonatal resuscitation guidelines will be critically appraised and current evidence for best practice in critical care of the newborn will be applied to a series of clinical scenarios involving neonatal common and life-threatening conditions. This unit is designed to encompass a range of likely neonatal clinical scenarios and disorders which clinicians may face in rural, remote, primary and tertiary level settings.

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Online. Students will spend approx 10 hours/week (x 13 weeks) engaging in case-based learning, incl. online discussion of case scenarios, self-directed case reviews and literature appraisal. Regular access to an internet connected computer is vital.


2x1000word essay (50%) and participation in online forum (50%)

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This unit of study is only offered in even numbered years

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