Independent Studies (PAED5004)


Candidates may contract to undertake independent studies or research in a particular field of interest in paediatrics. Students undertaking a research project will be required to nominate an appropriate supervisor relevant to their field of research. The project is negotiated with your supervisor and based on a written Learning Contract which you will provide to the unit coordinator. Your supervisor will help you select a topic and define the research questions. You are encouraged to select a project that is directly relevant to your own work setting. As part of the Independent Study you will develop your own learning outcomes. The project can be undertaken in either Semester One or Two (6 credit points). You will produce a scholarly piece of work that is suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

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Mid semester progress report with final report submission online

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Students who commence after 01 January 2016 are required to complete the Blackboard Academic Honesty Education Module. It is recommended that this is completed as soon as possible after enrolment into your first unit of Study

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A candidate must have obtained approval from the Course Coordinator to enrol in this unit of study.

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If you wish to undertake one or more units of study (subjects) for your own interest but not towards a degree, you may enrol in single units as a non-award student.

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If you are from another Australian tertiary institution you may be permitted to underake cross-institutional study in one or more units of study at the University of Sydney.