Surgical Pathology (PATH5000)


The Surgical Pathology Unit of Study course in an online course available in Semester 1 or 2. It is based on examination of macroscopic pathology specimens (bottles) located in the Pathology Museum collection and examination of microscopic slides of relevant pathological processes. The course runs over 13 weeks and covers 12 topics. Each week several streamed videos, corresponding Powerpoint presentations and additional reading, are provided to students. This material will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete. Following viewing of the teaching media, students complete an online quiz, which contributes to the final assessment. Additionally, students will prepare an in-dept, semi structured assignment on a pathological process, where possible of relevant to their particular interests. An optional weekend in-house practical session at the University of Sydney will be offered to students late in the semester (May or October), where students will be provided with practical tutorials covering many of the topics within the course. The practicals will involve viewing relevant bottles and slides. Participation is not compulsory. Topics that will be covered in the course will include basic pathological processes (eg immunology, inflammation, neoplasia etc) and systems pathology (eg cardiovascular, respiratory, gastroenterology, neurology, genitourinary, orthopaedic etc).

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2x1hr video streamed tutorials/week


1. participation weekly tutorials (20%)
2. 1x3000wd essay (30%)
3. 13x15min weekly quizzes (20%)
4. 1x1hr final exam (30%)


Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease 8th Ed (Kumar, Abbas, Fausto, Aster) Saunders Elsevier, online version available from University Library following enrolment, plus course materials.

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