Pharmacology Fundamentals (PCOL2011)


This unit of study provides the fundamental grounding in four basic areas in Pharmacology: (1) principles of drug action (2) pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism (3) experimental design and autonomic pharmacology, and (4) drug design. The delivery of material involves lectures, practicals, computer-aided learning and problem-based workshops. Practical classes provide students with the opportunity of acquiring technical experience and teamwork skills. Problem-based workshops are based on real-life scenarios of drug use in the community. These workshops require students to integrate information obtained in lectures in order to provide solutions to the problems. Online quizzes accompany each module and are to encourage continued learning throughout the semester.

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5 workshops (12hr 15 min total), wet and dry labs (1x2 hrs and 4x4 hrs), lectures (2x1 hr per week).


One 2 hour exam (52%), 4 in semester quizzes (8%),reports (36%) and oral presentations (4%).


Rang and Dale's Pharmacology, 8th Edition. H. P. Rang, J. M. Ritter, R. J. Flower, and G. Henderson, (Elsevier 2015 ). Medical Pharmacology at a Glance, 7th edn M.J. Neal: (Blackwell Scientific Publications, 2012).

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6cp from CHEM1XXX and 6cp from (BIOL1XXX, MBLG1XXX) 


PCOL2555 or BMED2401 or BMED2402 or BMED2403 or BMED2404 or BMED2405 or BMED2406 or BMED2801 or BMED2802 or BMED2803 or BMED2804 or BMED2805 or BMED2806 or BMED2807 or BMED2808

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