Honours Project 1 (PERF4601)


The Honours strand for the BMus Studies, BMus Studies/BA and BMus Studies/MBBS degrees allows students to extend their musical knowledge and skill base within a stand-alone 4th year honours program. Honours is both a completion at a high standard of an academic education in music, and a preparation for postgraduate study in music. Intending Honours students should speak to the specific Chair of Unit before enrolling. Honours requirements are specified according to the area of study. Please refer to either CMPN4610 Composition Honours A, MCGY4611 Musicology Honours A or PERF4610 Performance Honours A for a full description.

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2 hr Dissertation Seminar/week, individual lessons and/or supervision as appropriate to the student's area of study. See Musicology, Performance or Composition (Honours) for full details.


Equivalent to either Musicology, Composition or Performance Honours as stated in MCGY4611, CMPN4610 and PERF4610.

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Three year Bachelor of Music Studies degree (or equivalent) in which candidates have obtained a WAM of at least 75 in 2nd and 3rd year units of study for Performance or Musicology, or, a distinction average in 3rd year units of study for Composition; and have the permission of the relevant Chair/Honours Coordinator.

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