Microbiology and Infection (PHAR2812)


This unit of study provides information on the biology of micro-organisms with particular reference to the importance of micro-organisms in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences. The unit also involves the application of basic microbiological principles to the production of clean and sterile pharmaceutical products in both community and hospital pharmacy, and in industrial manufacture. Topics include the comparison of the structure, function and importance of the major groups of micro-organisms; pathogenicity and epidemiology of infectious diseases; infection control measures and principles underlying treatment of infectious diseases; mechanisms of action, characteristics, and types of antibiotics and chemical antimicrobial agents; antibiotic resistance; principles and methods of sterilisation, disinfection and preservation; concepts of good manufacturing practice and aseptic techniques. The practical component is illustrative of the lectures and focuses on techniques of handling microbial culture and identifying micro-organisms; factors affecting the microbial growth; transmission of diseases and host defence mechanisms; basic aseptic microbiological technique applicable to preparation of pharmaceutical products; and evaluation of different chemical antimicrobial agents.

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2 x lectures/wk


Exam & quiz (60%), mid-term quiz and practicals including workshop (40%)


Recommended: Denyer SP, Hodges NA & Gorman SP. Hugo & Russell's Pharmaceutical Microbiology. 8th edition, Blackwell, 2011; Prescott, Harley & Kelin's Microbiology, 7th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2007

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BIOL1003 or BIOL1903 or BIOL1993.

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