Drug Discovery and Design B (PHAR2821)


This unit of study covers drug design; physicochemical properties of drugs and how this determines the interactions of small molecules (drugs) with biological macromolecules (enzymes and receptors). All stages in the process of drug design and development will be investigated, including computational drug design and the required mathematics for computation and statistical treatment; role of stereochemistry in drug action, structure-activity relationships and molecular modelling; drug metabolism, bioactivation and inactivation; advanced analytical methods for the identification of drugs, their metabolites and degradation products; sources of drugs; discovery of new small molecules as leads for drug development. Workshops consist of the Stereochemistry/Ligand-Based Drug Design molecular modelling workshop, drug action workshop and drug metabolism problem-based learning workshop.

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3 x lectures/wk


2hr exam (55%), workshops and quizzes (45%)


G L Patrick (2013) An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry, 5th Edition, Oxford University Press

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PHAR2811 and PCOL2605

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