Physical Pharmaceutics and Formulation B (PHAR2823)


This unit of study builds on the material presented in Physical Pharmaceutics and Formulation A. The topics covered in this unit include: solid dose forms and particle science; dispersion dose forms including suspensions, colloidal dispersions, and emulsions; topical dose forms and semisolids; inhalation pharmaceutical aerosols; protein and peptide drugs and formulations; rectal products and novel drug delivery technologies; biomaterials; and material characterisation techniques. Aspects pertaining to the stability of dose forms are also presented in this unit. Practical activities relate to the preparation, quality control and quality assurance of a marketed solid dosage form.

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3 x lectures/wk


Final exam (65%), minor exam (10%) practical classes (25%)


Aulton M.E. Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design, (7th edn) Churchill Livingston, A.T. Florence & D Attwood Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy, MacMillan 1988, Pharmaceutical Press 4th Edition 2006

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(CHEM1611 or CHEM1101 or CHEM1612 or CHEM1102) and PHAR1812 and PHAR1822.

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