Musculoskeletal, Dermatological and Senses (PHAR3823)


This unit of study will cover the therapeutics of musculoskeletal, dermatological and special senses including the pharmaceutical sciences that underpin such drug therapies. This unit will also include the epidemiology, pathophysiology and clinical features of musculoskeletal, dermatological and special senses disorders. Through the use of case-based learning, students will participate in the interpretation, application and dissemination of pharmaceutical and pharmacotherapeutic concepts and knowledge. On completion of this unit of study students will be able to apply an understanding of the pharmaceutical sciences to optimising the drug and non-drug therapy of patients with musculoskeletal, dermatological and special senses disorders. Interprofessional communication and the application of specialist knowledge to implementing pharmacist cognitive services such as clinical interventions and/or medication management review will also be explored. Students will become familiar with drug information software and a number of computerised drug information databases. Role-plays will be used to develop students' communication skills for interaction between pharmacists and their clients (patients, doctors, other health professionals). This unit of study is in parallel to experiential placements.

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An average of 6 hrs of lectures, 2 hrs of tutorials and 2 hrs experiential placement/week.


Tutorial participation and presentations (10%), OSCE (20%) and final exam (70%)

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All first and second year units of study.


PHAR3811 and PHAR3812 and PHAR3813 and PHAR3814 and PHAR3821 and PHAR3822 and PHAR3824

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