Integrated Dispensing Practice (PHAR4812)


Integrated Dispensing Practice links together the skills and knowledge that students have developed in dispensing and pharmacy practice. The emphasis is on clinical practice and develops the theme that dispensing is not a single event but a process which draws on skills and knowledge from a variety of areas of pharmacy practice, including communication with the patient and prescriber. This is achieved using a simulated practice environment in which students learn to integrate the skills they have developed in dose form preparation with their clinical skills, forensic and administrative requirements (including the use of computer-based dispensing programs), as well as the professional aspects of pharmacy in delivering a patient-centred care. This unit of study emphasises the importance of patient safety and quality use of medicines.

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1 x 2hr lec/wk (total approx 8hrs); 1 x 2hr workshop/wk and (total approx 16hrs/sem), approx 16hrs on-line activities


Students must prove competency in each component of this unit of study (practical exams, continuous weekly assessments, pharmaceutical calculations assignment, portfolio presentation). This unit of study is Pass/Fail.


Australian Medicines Handbook (2013 or later) and Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary (Ed 22 or 23).

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PHAR3815 and (PHAR3811 or PHAR3816) and (PHAR3812 or PHAR3817) and (PHAR3813 or PHAR3818) and (PHAR3814 or PHAR3819) and (PHAR3821 or PHAR3828) and (PHAR3822 or PHAR3829) and (PHAR3823 or PHAR3826) and (PHAR3824 or PHAR3827) and PHAR3825


PHAR4811 and PHAR4814 and PHAR4823

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