Novel Therapeutics (PHAR4813)


This unit of study aims to expose students to emerging therapeutic and diagnostic biotechnologies. The unit expands on second and third year pharmaceutical science units of study by exploring novel and developing biotechnologies such as diagnostics, burns, nanotechnology, implant technology, clinical trials, novel cancer therapeutics, novel drug targets in diabetes, metals in medicine, vaccines, as well as monoclonal antibodies as therapeutics. Sources of information for new biotechnology developments will be explored and practical exercises in interpreting and translating this information to patients and other health professionals will be provided. This unit of study will foster necessary skills to prepare pharmacists for their evolving roles associated with the choice, application and monitoring of new biotherapies. The exercises are designed to support the development of generic collaborative skills necessary for project work, such as planning and project management, conflict resolution and written and oral communication skills.

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Up to 10 hours of lectures, six 3 hour workshops and up to 60 hours of self-directed learning and group work.


Workshops (20%), written assignment (40%), and final exam (40%).


Foye W.O et. al. Principles of Medicinal Chemistry (5th Ed), Williams and Wilkins (2002) Shargel L & Yu ABC Applied Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics (1999) Burton, Evans.

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PHAR3816 and PHAR3817 and PHAR3818 and PHAR3819 and PHAR3826 and PHAR3827 and PHAR3828 and PHAR3829


PHAR4821 and PHAR4822.

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