Research Methods (PHAR4815)


 Research Methods is a component of the Honours elective, and is designed to extend students' knowledge and skills in research methods and problem solving, as well as oral and written scientific communication. The workshop and seminar series in the unit will equip students with the advanced research skills needed for their research projects. Research projects will commence in Semester 1 and will be completed in Semester 2 under the direct supervision of an academic staff member or supervisory team.

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Data management (approx 16hrs); literature searching and appraisal, and scientific presentations (approx 9hrs); research methods (approx 40hrs); journal club and seminars (approx 16hrs) and research project.


Data management assignment (15%), literature review search strategy and outline (5%), oral scientific presentation (5%), literature review manuscript (50%), and literature review presentation (25%).


Those recommended by individual lecturers and research project supervisors.

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PHAR3815 and (PHAR3811 or PHAR3816) and (PHAR3812 or PHAR3817) and (PHAR3813 or PHAR3818) and (PHAR3814 or PHAR3819) and (PHAR3821 or PHAR3828) and (PHAR3822 or PHAR3829) and (PHAR3823 or PHAR3826) and (PHAR3824 or PHAR3827) and PHAR3825


PHAR4811 and PHAR4812 and PHAR4823

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