Clinical Placement (PHAR4822)


This unit of study is entirely comprised of experiential placements conducted off-campus. These placements will be undertaken in settings of professional practice: in community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and clinics and other professional organisation sites. The placements may include rural as well as metropolitan sites, and involve the public and private health sector. Students will document activities undertaken at the practice site/s using a Portfolio (submitted online), under the guidance and supervision of the preceptor or supervising pharmacist. The Portfolio provides a guide to professional activities that may be undertaken while on placement. The Portfolio includes a self-assessment instrument developed to support the student's understanding of the Competency Framework for qualified pharmacists. A reflective diary written by the student will be included in the Portfolio and is part of the assessment. This unit of study provides the opportunity for students to appreciate health care settings, develop awareness of professional practice issues, and to apply and consolidate their knowledge and skills within the context of the professional placement setting.

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Four weeks or equivalent (140 hours) of clinical placement


Preceptor assessment (50%), Portfolio (50%, (including reflective diary 10%)). All assessment tasks must be completed. Satisfactory performance in all areas of this unit of study is required.

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(PHAR3811 or PHAR3816) and (PHAR3812 or PHAR3817) and (PHAR3813 or PHAR3818) and (PHAR3814 or PHAR3819) and (PHAR3821 or PHAR3828) and (PHAR3822 or PHAR3829) and (PHAR3823 or PHAR3826) and (PHAR3824 or PHAR3827)


PHAR4813 and PHAR4814 and PHAR4823

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