Pharmacy International Exchange (PHAR4832)


This unit of study will provide students with the opportunity to experience other healthcare systems through performing coursework at international universities. The students will attend all classes in prescribed units of study offered by the host institution. These units of study will be agreed by the Faculty and the host institution and will be selected for level, content, and exposure of our students to the different healthcare system and roles of a pharmacist in the host country. The overall assessment and workload will be agreed between the two institutions and will be commensurate with 24 credit points.

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The numbers of practical classes, tutorials/workshops and lectures in each of the units of study taken will be the same as for the full-time students at the host institution. Forensic: Lectures 8hrs, Workshop 3hrs by distance learning.


The students will be assessed in the coursework and examination components agreed by the Faculty and the international host institution in the same weighting as the full-time students at the host institution. This unit of study is Pass/Fail. Satisfactory performance in the forensic examination.


Those recommended by the units of study at the host institution. Pharmacy and Poisons legislation is required but is made available in a specific format for the unit.

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Unit of study rules


PHAR4811 and PHAR4812 and PHAR4814 and PHAR4823 and PHAR4100.

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