Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2 (PHAR5506)


The aim of this unit of study is to explore recent advances in drug technology and to illustrate how basic research underpins clinical practice and pharmaceutical care. Students will be exposed to the newly developed and "up-and-coming" biotechnologies such as gene therapy, immunotherapies and prodrugs in the context of neurological disorders, inflammatory diseases, cancer and AIDS. Students will also obtain molecular insights into the actions of natural products. On successful completion of this unit of study, students will: be aware of the latest advances in drug technology; understand how basic research underpins clinical practice and pharmaceutical care; have developed advanced literature searching skills and be able to comprehend the work in original research articles and extract the relevant information from those articles; have improved their writing and oral communication skills; and comprehend the role chemistry plays in determining the molecular basis of drug action. This unit of study will hone the student's critical thinking, literature searching and scientific presentation skills; thus equipping the students with the essential skills for life-long learning.

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2 x 1hr lectures/wk and 7 x 3hr workshops as well as self-directed learning


Final Exam (35%), Midsemester Exam (30%), Antibiotics resistance workshop (15%), Emerging therapeutics workshop (20%)


Foye's Principles of Medicinal Chemistry; Thomas L Lemke, David A Williams, Victoria F Roche & S. William Zito, LWW, 6th Ed, 2008. Immunology for Pharmacy; Flaherty, Elsevier, 2012.

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PCOL5001 and PHAR5513 and PHAR5515 and PHAR5516 and PHAR5517 and PHAR5518.

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