Dispensing Practice (PHAR5507)


This unit of study gives an introduction to dispensing practice, accuracy in dispensing, legal aspects of dispensing prescriptions, procedures for dispensing prescriptions, documentation of dispensing procedures, containers and labelling of dispensed medicines, dispensing of particular formulations, effect of changing formulation variables on the physical properties and efficacy of pharmaceutical products, dispensing and therapeutics and dosage. A series of workshops and practical classes complements the lectures, allowing students to dispense and critically assess a variety of pharmaceutical products and a range of proprietary items, as well as facilitating the development of error-detection skills. During the second half of the semester, the process of dispensing is extended to include therapeutic aspects and recommendations.

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1 x 2hr lecture/wk, 7 x 1hr tutorials and 6 x 2hr tutorials


Practical exams (30%), written exam (30%), continuous practical assessment (30%), dispensing portfolio (10%). Satisfactory performance in all areas of this unit of study is required.


Australian Medicines Handbook 2013 or 2014 Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary 22nd edition

Practical work

7 x 3hr practicals and 5 x 2hr practicals

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