Pharmacy Practice C (PHAR5510)


This unit of study is a continuation of Pharmacy Practice A and B. A number of therapeutics topics will be covered in a problem-based learning format. Practice-based tutorials will be supplemented with relevant therapeutics lectures and other learning resources. Students will explore the role of the pharmacist in advising on primary and self care, performing clinical interventions, conducting medication reviews, monitoring therapeutic outcomes, participating in therapeutic decision making and involvement in health promotion and public health within these therapeutic areas. Themes such as evidence based practice, pharmacoepidemiology, drug information, medication safety, ethics and communication skills will be incorporated throughout the unit of study.

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4 hrs per week consisting of lectures (1 per week), 2 laboratory classes and 9 case-based learning workshops.


final examination (50%), two lecture quizzes (10%) case-based assessments (40%)


Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics. Walker, R. & Whittlesea, C. editors. 5th Edition Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 2011

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PCOL5001 and PHAR5513 and PHAR5515 and PHAR5516 and PHAR5517 and PHAR5518 and PHAR5505


PHAR5506 and PHAR5508 and PHAR5514 and PHAR5512 and PHAR5507 and PHAR5509

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