Clinical Residency 2 (PHAR5512)


This is an experiential unit of study. Off-campus placements will provide students with opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skill-base within clinical and professional settings. The sites may include primary and tertiary health care settings (community and hospital), general and specialist practice in rural and metropolitan areas, professional organisations and Quality Use of Medicines settings. The overall objectives of the Clinical Placements Program are to familiarise students with their future professional roles and working environments, and to develop professional skills and behaviours.
Students will be required to maintain an e-portfolio during their placement experiences. The portfolio materials for students at a clinical site/s will also include a Case Report prepared by the student. The Case Report may be submitted for formative feedback, and the Case Report will be submitted as part of the Portfolio for summative assessment. Students at a non-clinical placement site may submit a Project Report as part of their Portfolio. Students are prompted to be reflective in their learning through the experiential learning program and will write a reflective diary to be included in the Portfolio. Students will also be evaluated by their preceptors on their professional performance during placement. Students will attend on-campus debriefing sessions.

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Clinical experience


For each block: Preceptor Evaluation (50%), Portfolio, Case/Project and Reflective Diary (50%). All assessment tasks must be completed. Satisfactory performance in all areas of this unit of study is required.


Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary (newest edition); Australian Medicines Handbook (newest edition).

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PCOL5001 and PHAR5513 and PHAR5515 and PHAR5516 and PHAR5517 and PHAR5518 and PHAR5505.

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Students must meet all checks and clearances as required and verified by the Office of Clinical Education at The University of Sydney prior to commencing this Unit of Study. Students who have not met verification requirements will not be eligible to attend their placement.

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