Pharmaceutics 1 (PHAR5517)


In this unit of study students learn to evaluate the physicochemical principles, design, formulation, and manufacture of pharmaceutical dose forms. The formulation of liquid dose forms including parenteral, nasal, ophthalmic and aural products is discussed. Related topics such as diffusion and dissolution of drugs, drug solubilisation, surface and interfacial tension, surface active materials, micelle formation, pharmaceutical complexes and drug-packaging interactions are covered. Other topics covered in this unit include solid dose forms and particle science, rheology, dispersion dose forms including suspensions, colloidal dispersions, and emulsions; topical dose forms and semisolids; inhalation pharmaceutical aerosols; protein and peptide drugs and formulations; rectal products; novel drug delivery technologies. Aspects pertaining to the stability of dose forms are also presented in this unit.

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3 x lectures/week, 1 x tutorials/week


Final exam (60%), minor exam (10%), laboratory practicals (30%)


Aulton M.E. Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design (7th edn) Churchill Livingston
A.T. Florence & D Attwood Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Press 4th Edition, 2006

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Assumed knowledge

3 credit points of Calculus, 12 credit points of Chemistry. Students who have not completed up to 12 credit points of prerequisite subjects are strongly advised to take the corresponding Bridging Course (offered in February, July and as a distance course at other times of the year)


PCOL5001 and PHAR5513 and PHAR5515 and PHAR5516 and PHAR5518

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