Applied Pharmacy Practice I (PHAR7111)


Note: Department permission required for enrolment This unit of study comprises monthly case problems related to specific practice issues which will explore all the relevant professional issues for pharmacy practitioners. Moderated discussion forums in small groups will explore the relevant issues around the case problem each month. Face to face seminars will cover relevant issues including evidence based practice, competencies, framework for practice, public health policy, privacy issues, communication and counselling and specific aspects of clinical pharmacy. Emphasis will be given to problem-solving, communication and responding to symptoms. Scenarios where legal, social and workplace issues come into play will be included. The syllabus is orientated to issues that arise in the day-to-day practice of pharmacy. Bachelor/Master of Pharmacy graduates undertaking their pre-registration experience in community pharmacy will be exposed to issues relevant to hospital pharmacy, and vice versa. This unit of study will develop graduates' independence and life-long learning skills of communication, capacity for enquiry and research, critical thought and analysis, problem solving, teamwork, numeracy and effective use of information technology.

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Two-day block seminar series for face-to-face teaching and learning and continuous flexible delivery.


Satisfactory contribution to online discussion groups. Satisfactory mark in multiple choice exam. Attendance and satisfactory participation during small group tutorials and other seminar activities. Satisfactory completion of learning portfolio exercises.

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