Medications Management (PHAR7112)


This unit of study aims to develop an in-depth understanding and advanced skills in fulfilling the role of pharmacists in medication management for older people. The course readings cover the following content areas: Epidemiology of common health problems affecting older people; physiological changes associated with ageing and their implications for therapeutic response and medicines management; health promotion and disease prevention (with emphasis on pharmacological interventions designed to reduce mortality and chronic disease); management of common chronic diseases of older people; and medication management in hospitals and the community. Skills development will focus on communication with patients; pharmacist, physician, and allied-health inter-professional communication; preparation of medication reviews; and home/residential aged-care facility visits.

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Classes will be delivered through on-line reading and discussions, webinars, case studies and practice based experiences.


On-line webinar participation (12%), learning module activities (42%), and medication review assignments (46%).


AMH Aged-Care Companion 2016

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PHAR7112: Medications Management is accredited for Stage One (preparatory) Training with the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy. On satisfactory completion of this unit of study, students will be able to proceed to Stage 2 Accreditation Assessment Process for the delivery of medication management reviews to community-based individuals and residents of aged care facilities. See for details.

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