Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy B (PHTY2055)


The overall aim of this unit of study is to develop the skills required to assess, diagnose and manage common musculoskeletal disorders of the lower extremity incurred by patients of all ages at the level of a student commencing musculoskeletal clinical practical placements. This unit will integrate knowledge from assumed foundation science. Students will develop the ability to select and safely implement interventions based on clinical reasoning and principles of evidence based practice. This unit of study complements Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy A (MSA) and together they lay the foundation for MSC, MSD, MSE and MSF which will further develop skills in the management of disorders of the spine, upper extremity and more complex musculoskeletal conditions.

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2-hr lecture/week, 2-hr tutorial/week


Mid semester practical assessment (20%), end semester practical assessment (30%), end semester written exam (50%)

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BIOS1168 and BIOS1169 and EXSS1029 and PHTY2052 and PHTY2053



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