Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy F (PHTY4110)


The aim of this unit of study is to develop students' abilities to apply evidence-based practice during the management of selected complex musculoskeletal presentations. A case-study based approach to learning will be adopted throughout the unit of study. Using interactive lectures, students will study selected cases that can be used as templates to facilitate foundation clinical behaviours for beginning physiotherapy graduates. Further, students will be guided through the application of the various domains of evidence based practice over the period of management for each representative case. During concurrent tutorial sessions, students will practice the application of advanced physiotherapy procedures, including manipulation for selected regions. Classroom demonstrations will be supported by online video and other materials to enhance the learning experience. Overall, unit of study content will provide the background for students to apply and evaluate a range of strategies to decrease pain, and improve impairments and function in patients with a range of complex conditions. Thus, this unit of study will consolidate the theoretical and practical bases for clinical intervention in the area of musculoskeletal physiotherapy to prepare students for the range of complex conditions they will confront upon graduation.

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6-hr lecture/week, 2-4-hr tutorial/week, unit is conducted over intensive short semester


2hr exam (60%) and 10 min practical exam (40%)

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PHTY3068, PHTY3069, PHTY3070

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