Honours Dissertation (PHTY4118)


The program consists of a series of formal classes in which a number of topics relevant to practical and theoretical aspects of research will be covered. These sessions will include discussion and instruction in research design and data analysis, database management, research ethics and scientific writing and the processes by which a research idea is translated into a project. In addition, students will have an opportunity to discuss the work of a distinguished scientist with that person in an informal setting. Opportunities will be provided for students to discuss the progress of their own research areas and to obtain help, from staff and their peers, in dealing with any issues that arise in the course of the semester. Students are required to spend 50 hours in "hands-on" research activity. The nature of this supports the concept of a broad-based experience, including aspects of development and design, data collection, data analysis and interpretation and the presentation of results. Students will work in depth on one particular aspect of a research project.

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6x3-hr lectures; research project participation 50 hours/semester


1x seminar presentation (30%) and 1x5000wd essay (70%)

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