Neurological Physiotherapy (PHTY5195)


Neurological physiotherapy aims to develop in students an ability to apply relevant theoretical and data-based scientific findings to clinical practice in the area of disease and trauma to the nervous system. This unit examines the pathology, impairments (weakness, loss of coordination, loss of sensation and spasticity as well as adaptations such as contracture), activity limitations (difficulty standing up, sitting and standing, walking, reaching and manipulating objects with the hand, rolling over and getting out of bed) and participation restrictions arising from conditions of acute onset (stroke, traumatic brain injury and Guillain-Barre Syndrome). Students will learn to assess, train and measure outcome of everyday activities integrated within the rehabilitation team.

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2-hr lecture/week, 2-hr tutorial/week


Mid semester practical assessment (25%), end semester practical assessment (25%) and end semester written exam (50%)


Carr, J. and Shepherd, R. Neurological Rehabilitation - Optimizing motor performance, Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh (2010)

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