Physiotherapy across the Lifespan (PHTY5201)


This unit of study comprises five integrated modules consisting of the delivery of preventative and rehabilitative physiotherapy services across the lifespan in selected populations and settings. Specifically, the delivery of physiotherapy services will be addressed in: paediatrics; sport and recreation; occupational health; community health; and ageing and health. In the paediatrics module students will become aware of the changes which occur from infancy through to maturity in neuromotor, musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary development and will address issues related to physiotherapy intervention in children with potential dysfunction in those systems. The emphasis of this module will be on problem solving relevant clinical scenarios via an approach of clinical reasoning. In physiotherapy in sport and recreation, students will assess sports related injury and design programs to prevent and manage complex injuries sustained during sport and recreational activities. The occupational health module will apply a risk management approach to the role of physiotherapy in work injury prevention and occupational rehabilitation. The community health module will address the contribution of physiotherapy to the management of particular population groups who receive health care in community settings; e.g. indigenous populations and rural/remote populations. In considering the older population, students will explore strategies to maintain and improve the health of older people and to support them within their community if they do develop illness or disease. Specifically, they will look at topics such as falls screening and prevention and the coordination of health, social and other services to assist older people. This area will integrate closely with the community health physiotherapy module.

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4-hr lectures/week over 6 weeks, 2-hr tutorial/week for 6 weeks


2 hr written exam (70%) and group presentation (30%)

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PHTY5197, PHTY5197, PHTY5197

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