Physics 2B (PHYS2012)


This unit of study is designed for students continuing with the study of Physics at the general Intermediate level, and represents the beginning of a more in-depth study of the main topics of classical and modern physics. The modules in this unit of study are: Quantum Physics: The behaviour of matter and radiation at the microscopic level. Electromagnetic Properties of Matter: Electric and magnetic effects in materials; the combination of electric and magnetic fields to produce light and other electromagnetic waves; the effects of matter on electromagnetic waves. Computational Physics: The computational physics component is similar to that of PHYS2011.

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Three 1-hour lectures per week; one 2-hour computational laboratory per week for 11 weeks.


One 3-hour exam, assignments, one 1-hour computational test, computational lab work and project, practical work and report (100%).


Serway, Moses and Moyer. Modern Physics. 3rd edition. Brooks/Cole. 2005.
Course lab manual.

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Unit of study rules

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

(PHYS1003 or PHYS1004 or PHYS1902) and (PHYS1001 or PHYS1002 or PHYS1901 or PHYS2011 or PHYS2911)

Assumed knowledge: (MATH1001 or MATH1901) and (MATH1002 or MATH1902) and (MATH1003 or MATH1903). MATH1005 or MATH1905 would also be useful


PHYS2104, PHYS2102, PHYS2213, PHYS2902, PHYS2203, PHYS2002, PHYS2912

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