Electromagnetism and Special Project (Adv) (PHYS3941)


The lectures cover the theory of electromagnetism, one of the cornerstones of classical physics. They introduce Maxwell's equations in their differential form, using the power of vector calculus. The main application will be to electromagnetic waves, including reflection and absorption, which have application in fields such as optics, plasma physics and astrophysics. The project is carried out in a research group within the School of Physics, working on a research experiment or theoretical project supervised by a researcher. The aim is for students to acquire an understanding of the nature of research, to apply their knowledge of physics and scientific practice, and to serve as preparation for a research project at Honours level and beyond.

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Nineteen 1-hour lectures, 4 hours per week with a research group.


One 1.5 hour exam, quizzes, assignments, project report and talk (100%).


Griffiths, DJ. Introduction to Electrodynamics. Third Edition.

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(PHYS2011 or PHYS2911) and (PHYS2012 or PHYS2912) with average of at least 70, and (MATH2061 or MATH2961 or MATH2067)


PHYS3040 or PHYS3940 or PHYS3961 or PHYS3011 or PHYS3911 or PHYS3918 or PHYS3928

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Approval for this unit must be obtained from the School of Physics Senior Coordinator.

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