High Energy Physics/Optics and Lab (Adv) (PHYS3969)


This unit covers the same topics as PHYS3069, but with greater depth and some more challenging material.

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Thirty-eight 1-hour lectures and six 4-hour experimental labs.


One 2-hour exam, quizzes, assignments, and laboratory reports (100%).

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Unit of study rules


(PHYS2011 or PHYS2911) and (PHYS2012 or PHYS2912) and (PHYS2013 or PHYS2913) with average mark of 70, and (PHYS3042 or PHYS3942 or PHYS3043 or PHYS3943 or PHYS3044 or PHYS3944), and (PHYS3040 or PHYS3940 or PHYS3941)


Any one of the following (PHYS3069, PHYS3050, PHYS3950, PHYS3053, PHYS3953, PHYS3056, PHYS3956, PHYS3058, PHYS3958, PHYS3068, PHYS3968, PHYS3071, PHYS3971, PHYS3073, PHYS3973, PHYS3074, PHYS3974, PHYS3076, PHYS3976, PHYS3078, PHYS3978, PHYS3079, PHYS3979, PHYS3080, PHYS3980, PHYS3081, PHYS3981, PHYS3082, PHYS3982, PHYS3046, PHYS3946, PHYS3047, PHYS3947, PHYS3049, PHYS3949, PHYS3063, PHYS3963, PHYS3065, PHYS3965, PHYS3066, PHYS3966)

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