Land Use and Infrastructure Planning (PLAN9064)


This unit is primarily concerned with planning, land use and infrastructure within the built environments. It emphasises conceptual knowledge, with examples and case studies to demonstrate the application of concepts in practice. Students are encouraged to think independently, creatively and critically in developing understanding and practical knowledge about environmental planning at the metropolitan and local level. This unit is in two modules, each of which is assessed.
1. Land use, infrastructure planning and urban development: different forms of infrastructure; the role of infrastructure in creating good environments and urban development; transport and the space economy; accessibility, the emergence of transport technologies and their influence on urban form; the impacts of car travel on densities, dispersion, congestion etc; orthodox transport planning; transport systems management; demand management and travel pricing; traffic restraint and local area traffic management; mobility and accessibility; networks, centres, and development corridors; transit oriented development and urban form. The Sydney Metropolitan Strategy and concepts contained therein are used as a main focus for this module.
2. Land use planning, development control and plan making: within the context of more effective land use planning, this module examines the process of assessing a local area (such as structure, form and understanding character), developing local vision and neighbourhood strategies and structure plan, translating the strategy and structure plan into basic land use and planning controls (such as building height, floor space ratio, heritage, and other local area provisions) and producing a basic plan for development control purposes. A case study is used for group work (with practitioners involved) so as to understand how the plan making process evolves and is constructed. Questioning the assumptions and values that underpin planning controls and guidelines is a key skill emphasised in the unit via the group work. This is an introductory core unit for the Urban Planning degree and an elective for the Urban Design degree.

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Lecture 2 hrs/wk. Additonal tuition time may be assigned for introduction to graphic plan making.


Two illustrated reports, each equivalent to 2,000 to 2,500 words, consisting of 1 x group work on a project (50%) and 1 x individual report (40%); class attendance and participation (10%). Peer assessment may apply to group work.

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