Paediatric Nutrition and Obesity (PMED5102)


This unit examines the worldwide status and trends in child and adolescent obesity, incorporating a focus on paediatric nutrition. It explores the determinants, clinical assessment, medical complications, management and prevention of this important public health problem. There is a close integration of epidemiology, basic science and best available evidence in management and prevention into clinically based scenarios. Our aim is to provide you with a broad knowledge base and ability to apply scientific theory and clinical evidence to the diagnosis and management of obesity in childhood. This will include grounding in the complex social, cultural and environmental factors contributing to the continuance of childhood obesity throughout the world.

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Online. Students will spend approx 10 hours/week (x 13 weeks) engaging in case-based learning, incl. online discussion of case scenarios, self-directed case reviews and literature appraisal. Regular access to an internet connected computer is vital.


2x1000word essay (40%), MCQ exam (10%), and participation in online forum (50%)

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Students who commence after 01 January 2016 are required to complete the Blackboard Academic Honesty Education Module. It is recommended that this is completed as soon as possible after enrolment into your first unit of Study

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This unit of study is only offered in odd numbered years

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