Project Leadership Thesis B (PMGT5861)


Project Leadership Thesis A and B provide an opportunity for students to undertake a major project in a specialised area relevant to Project Leadership. Students will work individually to plan and write reports. Project Leadership Thesis can be spread over a whole year, in two successive Units of Study of 6 credits points each, Project Leadership Thesis A (PMGT5860) and Project Leadership Thesis B (PMGT5861). This particular unit of study, which must be preceded by or be conducted concurrently with PMGT5860 Project Leadership Thesis A, should cover the first half of the work required for a complete thesis project. In particular, it should include completion of all components planned but not undertaken or completed in PMGT5860 Project Leadership Thesis A.
Project Management Leadership Thesis A and B is aimed at providing candidates with an opportunity to develop deeper understanding of issues related to different aspects of leadership in managing projects in complex setting. This is an independent study guided by regular academic supervision as well as feedback from industry experts or advisors who would be serving on thesis panel. Candidates would be required to bring real world problem from their current work environment and develop rigorous analysis of the problem by summarising the existing literature and practices. Most of the work would comprise using case study, interpretative study and or action research as a methodological approach to investigate and analyse the phenomenon under investigation.

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It is expected that the project will be conducted over two consecutive semesters although the two 6 credit point units PMGT5860 and PMGT5861 may be undertaken concurrently.

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