Sustainability and Intelligence in PM (PMGT5896)


In order to run projects successfully, project managers need to master more than the requisite technical knowledge. The more complex the project, the more significant interpersonal skills become to achieving a successful outcome. Without the people skills necessary to lead effectively, even the most carefully orchestrated project can quickly fall apart. Also, the concepts of sustainability and corporate responsibility are also gaining importance in our globalised economy and are having and increasing influence business and project objectives and it is becoming imperative that they are incorporated into the practice of project management.
This unit of study embraces this new reality by providing students with an expanded understanding of value creation and how this is delivered through projects. The emphasis is on using projects to deliver value in terms of economic capital whilst also developing social capital and preserving natural capital via the incorporation of sustainability principles into the practice of project management.
Students will be introduced to the sophisticated concepts of emotional intelligence, sustainability and knowledge management and apply these concepts via developing diagnostic frameworks; the preparation of recommendation reports; developing tailored project management deliverables; conducting research and analysis; and presenting on related topics.
Students will learn how to: Set the tone and direction for the project, communicate more effectively, improve listening skills, create a positive work environment, motivate, coach and mentor team members and productively handle stress, criticism and blame. And will also be given the opportunity to undertake a detailed self-development exercise with the aid of an assessment instrument and a professional coach.

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