Advanced Mycology and Plant Pathology (PPAT4004)


This unit investigates evolution, systematics, taxonomy and biology of fungi and their role as plant pathogens; plant disease epidemiology and understanding fungal populations; infection processes and plant defence. The unit is an elective for BScAgr, BHortSc and BSc students. It builds on the material introduced in PPAT3003 and BIOL3017. Undertaking this unit will develop skills in isolating and identifying plant pathogenic fungi, diagnosing plant diseases, designing, conducting and analysing experiments. At the completion of this unit, students will be able to exercise problem-solving skills (developed through practical experiments, projects and tutorial discussions), think critically, and organise knowledge (from consideration of the lecture material and preparation of project reports), and expand from theoretical principles to practical explanations (through observing and reporting on project work). Students will consolidate their teamworking skills, develop self-directed study skills and plan effective work schedules, use statistical analysis in research, keep appropriate records of laboratory research, work safely in a research laboratory and operate a range of scientific equipment. Students will gain research and inquiry skills through individual and group research projects, information literacy and communication skills through assessment tasks and personal and intellectual autonomy through working in groups.

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(2 tut, 3 hrs prac)/wk


Two hour end of semester exam (70%), 1500-word review paper (30%).


Agrios GN. 2005. Plant Pathology 5th ed. Academic Press Plant pathogens and plant diseases / edited by J.F. Brown and H.J. Ogle; endorsed by the Australasian Plant Pathology Society Inc. Armidale, N.S.W.: Rockvale Publications for the Division of Botany,

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