Performance Studies Honours A (PRFM4011)


The Honours program in Performance Studies consists of: 1. a 12000-15000 word thesis written under the supervision of a member of the academic staff 2. a 12000-15000 word casebook based on fieldwork observations of the training/rehearsal/preparation processes involved in a genre of cultural performance 3. two assessable coursework seminars - 4500 words each (Critical Theory and Performance and Emobodiment) 4. a research methods seminar (formative assessment only) and auditing of the departmental postgraduate/staff research seminar. For more information, contact Dr Laura Ginters.

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3x2-hr seminars/week in Semester 1


1x12000-15000wd thesis (33.5%), 1x12000-15000wd casebook (based on participant-observation fieldwork) (33.5%), 2 seminars x 4500wds of written work or its equivalent per seminar (33%)

Practical work

Workshops and placement in a theatre company to observe a creative process in progress; group supervision meeting.

Faculty/department permission required?


Unit of study rules

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

Credit results in (PRFM3961 and PRFM3962) or (PRFM3901 and PRFM3902) and Credit average in a further 36 senior credit points from Performance Studies

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