Advanced Statistics for Psychology (PSYC3010)


This unit of study expands upon students' knowledge of the general linear model and its applications in the analysis of data from psychological research. The first half focuses on multiple regression and its extensions, which are used when the primary interest is to predict or explain a particular variable based on a set of other variables. The second half of the course introduces students to contrast analysis as an extension of ANOVA, which allows for more focused analysis of data where group comparisons are the primary interest.

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Two 1 hour lectures and one 2 hour tutorial per week.


One 2 hour exam, class tests, practical exercises (100%)


Keith, Z. T. (2006). Multiple Regression and Beyond. New York: Pearson Education, Inc.

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PSYC2012 plus at least one other Intermediate Psychology Unit of Study from PSYC2010, PSYC2910, PSYC2011, PSYC2911, PSYC2013, PSYC2014

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