Groups, Teams and Systems (PSYC4729)


Coaching always takes place within the context of human systems, be they family, social networks, or workplace organisations. This unit of study considers both the theory and practice of working in human systems. At the theoretical level, students undertaking this unit will consider the major theoretical advances which aid our understanding of groups and complex human systems. These will include General systems theory, cybernetics and complex adaptive systems theories. In addition, major research findings in group and team dynamics will be covered. Students will also consider the practical implications of these theoretical approaches to coaching within organisations. Issues surrounding self organisation, leadership and control, and the management of change in complex adaptive systems will also be discussed. Students will undertake a small group project and presentation. Critical reflection upon this group work will form a key element of the assessment for this unit.

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One 3 hour lecture per week.


In-semester assessment(s) (80%), Exam (20%)

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PSYC4721 and PSYC4722



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