Research Project in Applied Psychology B (PSYC5017)


In combination with PSYC5016 in this unit of study the student will be given the opportunity to carry out a substantial piece of research in psychology. The research process can be followed from start to finish allowing the individual to utilise knowledge and skills gained in the other unit of study. The aim of this unit of study is to allow students to identify a research issue, review existing literature on the topic, formulate novel research questions, and test these questions through the application of contemporary psychological methodologies and appropriate data-analytic procedures. Lectures are voluntary, and are designed to cover common problems. The majority of support will be one-on-one tutorial sessions with the student's supervisor.

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Contact will be mainly tutorials with students arranging the appropriate level of supervision needed. Some lectures will also be provided.


Combined with PSYC5016. Project assignment 7000 to 9000 words (100%). In this unit of study the student will use as many of the identified sessions as s/he wishes for collection of data, preparation of the project etc. under the supervision of his/her research supervisor. Lectures are voluntary and are designed to cover common problems. The majority of support will be one-on-one tutorial sessions with the students' supervisors. Students will prepare the ethics application (if applicable), the literature review, collect the data and write up the project with supervision.

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Distinction average in 24 credit points from (PSYC4721, PSYC4722, PSYC4723, PSYC4724, PSYC4727, PSYC4729, PSYC4730, PSYC4731)



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Students enrolled in Coaching Psychology require special permission from the Coaching Psychology Unit to enrol into this unit of study in lieu of satisfying the listed prerequisites.

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