Clinical Internship 1 (PSYC6067)


This unit is designed to provide trainees with intensely supervised practice in conducting the fundamentals of clinical assessment, formulation, treatment planning and treatment implementation for adult patients, psychometric assessments for adults and children/adolescents, and child, adolescent and family work for those students undertaking this component of the placement. A cognitive-behavioural approach is predominant in this placement for adult work, although supervisors may allow variation for particular cases. It will also provide an introduction to the practice of conducting psychometric assessments. An adult and child psychometric assessment case will be undertaken in Placement 1 under the intense supervision. One to three further cases will be required to be undertaken over Placements 1 and 2 under less intense supervision until competency is reached in the administration, scoring, interpretation and report writing for these assessments. If a trainee is not competent after a total of five cases have been completed, the CPU will set further requirements. Trainees will be allocated to psychometric cases as required and as they become available. All trainees will also have the equivalent of one semester of child, adolescent and family therapy under the supervision of clinical psychologists with expertise in this area. This is offered for trainees either in Placement 1 or Placement 2. Trainees may be offered the opportunity to run a group at some point in Placement 1 or Placement 2 subject to availability. Trainees will be allocated to supervisors for adult and child, adolescent and family therapy. While supervisors vary in the way they offer supervision, with a mixture of individual, group and observation formats being offered, supervision is intense and with a high level of observation by supervisors throughout this placement.

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1.5-2-days/week for 24 weeks


Contract; Mid-placement review; End of placement review; Log; trainee's evaluation (100%)

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