Research Project (PSYC6071)


This unit of study requires students to undertake significant work on their research project and aims for students to be in a position to start collecting data for their projects during this semester or at the latest by the beginning of semester 2. During this semester it is expected that students will submit relevant applications for research ethics, so that they are in a position to commence data collection in this semester, no later than the middle of their second year. Evidence of submission of an ethics proposal must be completed in order to pass this unit of study. Students will also present a formal research proposal presentation, where they will receive formal feedback from the Postgraduate Coordinator (Clinical Research), as part of requirements for PSYC6073 Case and Research Seminars 2. In addition, students must complete a systematic review relevant to their research. This topic of the review can be chosen in consultation with the supervisor and will be formally assessed by the Associate Supervisor of the Research Project. It is expected that supervisors will collaborate with students in choosing the topic, agreeing on relevant papers for the review and providing feedback on the first draft of the review prior to submission. Conducting a systematic review is an extremely time-consuming task. It involves many steps, including choosing the research question, identifying relevant papers, extracting key information from those papers and summarizing the findings. Therefore, students should start working towards this review early in the year or will find the task very difficult to complete within the time frame. The systematic review will be examined by the associate supervisor. The supervisor and student should negotiate with the associate supervisor about eventual authorship issues prior to commencing the systematic review. The associate supervisor should not be involved in the writing of the draft, but if the associate supervisor is to be an author it is expected that they would review the draft using track changes and make a significant contribution to the review sufficient to justify authorship.

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Research and conferral with supervisor as appropriate


Systematic review; Research presentation; Ethics proposal (100%)

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