Practice Placement in Public Health 2 (PUBH5042)


This unit gives high-achieving students who have completed their MPH and have an average weighted mark of 75% or more in their first 24 units of coursework the opportunity to undertake a supervised work placement in a Public Health institution. Places are limited and selection of candidates will be based on academic merit. During this placement you will undertake a project which will make a useful contribution to the workplace. Your project proposal, the final report based on your project or portfolio and your supervisor's report will constitute your assessment for the two related units (PUBH5041 and PUBH5042). The placement will consist of a minimum of 216 hours' work in a practice placement, that is approximately 6 weeks' full-time (or equivalent part-time) work across 12 credit points. Initially placements will only be possible in Australia, although this may change in the future. The Public Health institutions would normally be located outside university environments. Examples include NSW Department of Health Public Health Units or Health Promotion Units, government supported agencies such as the Sax Institute and Family Planning NSW, and non-government organisations such as NSW Cancer Council or advocacy groups.

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Self-directed work placement with supervision and mentoring provided by the host institution and the School of Public Health.


Placement proposal (20%), Supervisor report Part 2 (10%); project or portfolio (70%) across 12 credit points.

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This unit of study is only available to students who commenced their Public Health studies from 2010 onwards. It is available only to students with a weighted average mark of 75% or more in the first 24 credit points completed and is subject to suitable placements being available. If you wish to undertake a placement, this should be discussed with the unit coordinator well before the start of the Semester in which the placement is to be undertaken.

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