Special Project in Public Health (PUBH5102)


This unit is intended for students nearing the end of their MPH. The aim of this unit is to systematically complete a self-directed project in one of the main content areas of the course. Students should contact an academic staff member associated with the area of their project and negotiate the details of the project design and the method and frequency of contact with the supervisor during the project. The student would be expected to undertake approximately 40 to 50 hours of work for this unit.

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1x 2000 word written report (100%) or as agreed with the supervisor and unit coordinator.

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(PUBH5010 or CEPI5100) and PUBH5018

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Students negotiate with a public health staff member to be their supervisor on an agreed project. The student informs the Unit co-ordinator, who emails the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit permission to allow the student to enrol.

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