Multiple Regression and Stats Computing (PUBH5211)


This unit covers simple and multiple linear regression; one-way analysis of variance to compare more than 2 groups; analysis of covariance to compare groups adjusting for confounders; testing for effect modification; calculating adjusted means; strategies for selecting the 'best' regression model; examination of residuals; regression to the mean; associated SAS programming. Each topic is covered by a 1 hour statistics lecture, a 1 hour SAS lecture, a 1 hour SAS practical and a 1 hour statistics tutorial to discuss the interpretation of the results. Each fortnight there is an exercise on the material covered in the statistics lecture. The SAS practical allows the necessary computing to answer the questions for the statistics tutorial the following week. The assignments will involve practical analysis and interpretation of a data set and between 10% and 20% of the marks for each assignment are for the SAS computing program.

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2hr per week for 13 weeks. This unit may be undertaken in face to face or online/distance mode. Students studying in distance mode must have access to a computer running a version of Microsoft Windows compatible with the latest version of SAS.


1x 4 page assignment (30%) and 1x 10 page assignment (70%)


Course notes are provided.

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