Religion and Film (RLST2628)


This unit analyses the position of religion in a range of films, such as the presentation of Buddhism in recent Western films (Kundun, Little Buddha, Seven Years in Tibet); the image of Christianity in 'sword and sandal' epics (Ben Hur, Quo Vadis); the role of film in familiarising Western audiences with unfamiliar religious traditions (e.g. ethnographic documentaries); and the depiction of post-modern religious concerns in science fiction (Blade Runner, The Matrix etc).

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1x2hr lecture/week, 1x1hr tutorial/week


1x1500wd Take-home exercise (30%), 1x2500wd word Essay (50%), 1x500 wd Tutorial presentation (20%)

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(12 Junior credit points from Studies in Religion) or (18 Junior credit points including ENGL1011)



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