Issue Based Learning Unit 3 (SCWK4003)


This unit is the third of a sequence of four Issue Based Learning units. It is of five weeks duration and is intended to develop further students' capabilities in the transfer of knowledge and independent work. It builds on the knowledge and skills gained in Field Education I and includes preparation for Field Education 2A and 2B.

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4-hrs of lectures/wk for 5 wks, 8-hrs of tutorials/wk for 5 wks


in-class essay (15%) and group development and presentation of a research proposal (30%) and class participation statement (10%) and essay (45%)

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SCWK3005 or (SCWK3009 and SCWK3010) and SCWK3006,SCWK3007,SCWK3008

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Classes commence Monday 20th February. Students need to have passed all requirements for SCWK4003 Issue-Based Learning Unit 3 before proceeding with SCWK4005 Field Education 2A

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