Child Wellbeing and Child Protection (SCWK5008)


This unit addresses the range of factors from poverty to positive parenting that contribute to the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children, young people and their families. A range of theories, from psychological to sociological, are critically examined from a social work perspective. This unit examines multiple contested and socially constructed concepts such as 'child abuse and/or neglect,' 'child wellbeing and protection,' 'risk and resilience.' Research regarding the potential impact of child abuse and/or neglect on children's and young people's development is examined through human rights and trauma informed lenses. Promoting ethical, collaborative and socially just practices when working with individuals, families and communities is emphasised in order to develop environments that value children and young people. This UOS also addresses international issues of child protection and well-being including child trafficking, the treatment of refugee children and their families, poverty and war.

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1-hr lecture for 12 weeks and 2-hr seminar/week for 12 wks


essay (25%); 3000 group presentation (25%); participation statement (10%); major essay (40%)

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