Variations in Sexual Function (SEXH5404)


This unit will provide students an overview of current research on the biological and psychosocial factors that influence the sexual response throughout the lifecycle, and explore diagnostic criteria, aetiology and management of sexual dysfunctions.
At the end of the unit students will:
(i) Critically discuss the concept of 'normality' in sexual function and the biological and psychosocial factors that determine this.
(ii) Understand the male and female sexual response cycle and factors that affect this.
(iii) Demonstrate knowledge of classifications of male and female sexual dysfunctions and clinical presentations of each.
(iv) Be able to diagnose a range of common sexual dysfunctions.
(v) Be competent to interpret the evidence base for best practice in the management options for selected sexual dysfunctions and select those appropriate for specific individuals/couples.
(vi) Reflect on the application of best practice in the management of sexual dysfunctions as it fits in with their personal and professional context.
(vii) Demonstrate the ability to identify a research question in sexual function and dysfunction and develop a simple research project.

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On-line plus block/intensive mode 4 days 9am-5pm


2x group work tasks (15%, 15%); online quiz (20%); 2x 1500 word assignments (20%, 20%); discussion board involvement (10%).


J Bancroft (ed), Human Sexuality and Its Problems (3rd ed), Churchill Livingstone (2008); Reproductive and Sexual Health: an Australian Clinical Practice Handbook 2nd edition Family Planning NSW

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