Sexual Health and Relationships Education (SEXH5412)


This unit of study will explore the evidence base, implications and considerations when delivering sexual health and relationships education in school and community settings from both Australian and global perspectives. This unit of study covers a range of topics including: (i) Social, cultural, religious and political aspects (ii) Constructions of childhood and adolescence (iii)Neuropsychology and adolescence (iv) Introduction to sexual health (v) Effective policy frameworks (vi) Essential pedagogical approaches, components and evaluation of sexual health and relationships education At the end of this unit of study, students should be able to: (i) Identify key components of evidence-based sexual health and relationships education programs (ii) Assess sexual health and relationships education curricula, policies and content for scientific quality and rigour (iii) Implement and evaluate age-appropriate sexual health and relationships curricula

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On-line weekly discussion board participationplus block/intensive mode: 3 days, 9am-5pm


online discussion (30%); online quiz (20%); lesson plan project (20%); policy paper (30%)

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